Humbling. Humbled. I bow to the forces of the scattered runes and the karma goddesses who see fit to school me in the ways of the universe. Seeds have been planted, some are ripe for harvest, others yet to be pollinated, and still others lying fallow preparing to return to dust. All seeds, however, do something. They germinate fertilized with good intentions or judgmental vibes. Some seedlings push their roots deep into the universal soil and heavens, creating life force and life changes in their wake. Other seeds turn to dandelion white puffery quickly and their seed offspring are carried far afield, only to return at unexpected moments.

All of this heady theorizing is to say ~ what goes around, comes around ~ I reap what I sow ~ to the devil pay the piper ~ time to pay up.

This getting to the head of the check out line is not so bad. Maybe I can somehow figure out how to pay back or pay off my negative karmic debt. Figure out how to wipe the slate clean so to speak, allowing me to trundle forward on my path unencumbered by past wicked or mean spirited actions, words, or deeds.

I can honestly say that I stand here today, contrite and humbled. I am a seedling, bowing my head to the universal forces, seeking compassion and wisdom.