A friend of mine recently said that the one thing that she knows for sure is that “things always change.” I responded that I agreed and wondered why it is that I always want to count on more than just change. Putting aside my wondering, I suppose that the “things always change” truth is tantamount to the sentiment, of “this too shall pass.” There is solace to be found in those words in hard times and a bittersweetness in the midst of good moments.

As my life continues to be full of shifting planes and uneven plains, this idea of constant continuing flux being the natural state of living, acts as a balm to my worried brow. And you know my brow has been quite furrowed of late and certainly could use some relaxing, a little unclenching. Yeah there you go muscles. Go ahead loosen up. Soften the creases.

Yes crinkled brow, get with the program and go with the flow of change.