Interesting. What we turn to in times of crisis, in a bout of despair. Where, indeed, one’s eyes turn ~ inward, upward, outward, downcast, or to either side. Interesting. Whose name we call, what sounds cross over our lips, in times of distress.

Traditional Gods. Dieties. Rune stones. Paper tarot cards. Dampened tea leaves. Bended knee in front of altar. Forked branch. Crosses formed from precious ore. Water blessed by Holy hands. Chants and drums. Salt tossed over a shoulder. Sagey smudges. Cherished talisman. Favorite hymn. Guardian Angels. A beloved from the Other Side. Sip of wine, crunch of cracker. Dessicated liver and a bat wing.


Where I turn on a day like today. Rough patch, undeniably.