You know that saying that goes something like “they go together like hands and gloves” or it could be “they go together like a hand in a glove,” both meaning that whatever is being alluded to, go together like “white on rice” or “smiling and grinning.” The two things I am referring to today are blog entries and photographs. One blog entry + one photograph (written and taken by me) daily for the calendar year of 2011. See how the blog entry and photgraph go together like hands and gloves. Writing and picture taking, likewise, go together like a hand in a glove. My words and my chosen snapped images, most definitely go together like my hand in my glove.

Simple. Right?

Except for an uh oh. We are only five days into the new year and there’s already a fly in the ointment, a veritable pebble in the spokes. I didn’t come up with the idea until after January 1st. And even though I accidentally took a photograph on New Year’s Day that can be counted toward the committed to project, I did not accidentally write a blog post that day.

Uh oh.

But since this is my idea and my project, I can set the “rules,” right? Yup. So I say that one day this year, I will double up on an entry and take two photographs, making all things right in the world of daily blog posts and picture taking.

So far, the four days that I have participated in this said project have been fair to middling. Yes, I would pronounce the early stage of the experiment as being copacetic. Enough so, that I shall endeavor to keep this commitment for the remaining 360 days of the year.