A friend suggested choosing a one word intention for the new calendar year versus making a traditional resolution.   Following my typical marination time for new ideas, I have chosen laughter.  Initially, I wanted to guzzy the word up or more specifically put parameters on and around it, as in “authentic laughter.”  I quickly realized that any laughter would be a balm and aid in my life (and those around me) compared to the joyless rut I have been wallowing in for some months now. 

I vaguely recall some research (scientific, of course) that concluded that laughter truly is the best medicine, inducing quicker healing times and heightened levels of the natural feel good chemicals.  There was also another study, most likely scientific (or not), that hailed the facial benefits that smiling and laugher bring to the facial musculoskeletal area (surely that sounds scientific, right?). 

All kidding aside (wink), my new calendar year intention is to bring more laughter into my life, via my vocal chords, my smiling lips, twinkling eyes, and scrunched up cheeks. 

Happy New Year everyone ~