“…but they are warm and all because my family’s home and we’ll rejoice in many ways, giving thanks and giving praise…” 


Without actually saying that line from that particular holiday tune is full of crap, may I say that it’s 7/8th’s full of crap.  The icy winds here in this seemingly Forever Frozen North Land are, indeed, icy.  And the pleasantries exchanged at the check out counter and between passing strangers are all about the wintry weather.  Yes.  Happy Ice Cold Fingers and Toes to all of my winter comrads! 

The upside would be that the dreamed of and for White Christmas is a for sure bet.  A veritable holiday postcard.  A snow globe sort of life. 

I am thinking that I may snap out of my Bah Humbug I Think My Face Has a Case of Frostbite bad mood, any minute now.  Meanwhile, I’ll keep looking heavenward wishing for a sighting of a shooting star.  Ah shit, I did Not just use up my one stinking wish did I, wishing on the star sighting?!