Speechless is sort of like wordless, they go hand-in-hand, silently.  Sort of how I feel here in the Frigid Frozen Northland where the inhabitants were advised, numerous times, by what I think now are histrionic weather forecasters, of a huge incoming potentially life threatening blizzard.  It is almost the end of the day – okay, not really, but it’s dark outside and there are no strong winds, no blinding snow storm.  No new snow fall in my neck of the woods at all.  Do NOT get me wrong.  I am not complaining about the lack of snow or raw freezing wind or even the too eager/bored weather forecasters.  No.  I am just bitching.  and complaining. 

Now I’ll go back to being speechless.  Until I return with lots of words and scintillating thoughts and topics to share.  Until then, wrap up, eat lots of comfort food, and above all ~ stay warm.