Survived.  Not the greatest descriptor of the holiday commonly known as Thanksgiving and also-known-as Genocide of Indigenous Peoples’ Day.  I carefully call it (on better days) Thanks-Giving Day.  My attempt at sidestepping the carnage and despicable acts of the past and present day by my species. 

My surviving Thursday’s holiday had little to do with the above controversy.  Actually no one other than me even brought the topic into the light of day.  And when I did broach the topic, was quickly disabused of the possibility of having an open-hearted and open-minded dialogue.  But.  Not the cause of the survival topic of the day.  That cause ~ the causes were wholly and utterly claimed by my very own self and my family.

Survived.  Indeed.  Such a conundrum this survival of family who come together for the main purpose of embracing one another ~ to rejoice and give thanks for the abundance in our lives ~ to hang tight together as a family unit ~ a clan ~ our kin.  What’s to survive out of such down to earth authentic rejoicing?  How hard can cooking, feasting, imbibing, and conversing with one’s own clan be?  For Cripe’s sake!  Good Gawd!  Lordy Lord Lord.  And a hearty WTH and a few WTF’s thrown in for good measure!

Love ’em.  Honest.  I do.  AND.  Who the hell are these aggravating non-like-minded aliens whom I spent the holiday with?  Mostly rejoicing and Giving-Thanks when finally released from the Famdamily Zoo.  Good GD thing that I am not the one and only sane one in the mix.  At least no one accused me of that one.  Good thing as I was too busy wearing my Family Dunce Cap that reads “Too Sensitive” in the front and “Can’t You Take a Joke?” in the back. 



Bring on Santa in his Big Furry Red Suit.