‘Tis the season of jolly and thanking the gods, guardian angels, Annie Rosa Lee Dog, and universe for the goodness in my life.  The other day I did something I don’t think I’ve ever done before.  I wrapped holiday pressies a whole entire month before Christmas Eve!  I held off on attaching the embellishments such as bows and ribbons and attached shiny baubles for ease of  stacking and storing.

My wrapping paper purchases from the holiday close-out sale this previous year are wonderful ~ heavy weight quality.  I went for a color theme ~ wait for it ~ yup, red.  One roll is garnet colored velvet flocked, another shiny bright red with gold glittery patterns, the next bright white polka dots against a candy apple red background, and the others are brilliant in their own right. 

While I gussied up the loot, favorite holiday music played and I felt the peace of happy tradition settling around me, prompting an out loud prayer.  A prayer to help me remember the simplicity of the holiday season ~ the peace-full joy enveloping me in that very moment ~ enhanced by glitter and shine.  

The holiday season has begun.  and I say, “Welcome, my friend, come on in.”