Feels so good. To be back with a friend who saw me through my grad school years and then some. All it took was a couple of years. Hey, the road back was one long ass journey. For reals. For sure. So worth the struggles and the detours though
in more ways than one.

I mean really. From there to here are a lot of miles, figuratively and literally, one-foot-in-front-of-the-other miles. And then there were the one-foot-forward and two-steps-sideways followed by three-and-a-half-steps-back, only to trip and start all over again days that a couple of times turned into months. And let’s not forget the huge divots that were dug on the spinning-my-wheels days that turned into an almost dug-my-own-ditch-to-die-in-grave, along the way. Worth it? Yuh.

Was there any joy along the way? Was the journey joy-full? More importantly, where is the joy? Gotta think on that one. I am, after all, a glass half-empty sort of woman ~ except for those times when the glass is running over wasting the good times. Wink. At least I have retained my sense of humor along the arduous and hilly terrain. Double wink.