I am in awe when the wild things, both animals and I suppose humans, dare to make themselves known in a city. Even in Alaska, when bear, moose, porcupines, or skunks saunter through the downtown area, I stand in awe. I mean how different a city is to their country way of life.

This morning I awoke to the sounds of wild turkey calls, lots of them. I drifted in and out of sleep as every time I flipped over, I found another comfy place to slumber. Finally, those turkeys called loud enough and long enough that they actually called me out of my nice warm and cozy bed to peer out the living room window. And there they were, marching two by two up the road. I would say they were a sight for sore eyes or that their beauty was astounding but that would not be truthful. Wild turkeys are not exactly beautiful to my eyes but they are certainly an entity onto themselves. Wild turkeys most definitely seem brave and maybe even a little entitled. When cars don’t give way to them on the road, they call out as if to say, ‘how dare you? move out of our way! don’t you know that we’re Wild Turkeys?”

The day was filled with wild turkey calls and the road in front of our cottage was transformed into Wild Turkey Lane, as they continued to march along at various intervals throughout the day. I am not sure where they were headed ~ perhaps there was a Wild Turkey Wedding taking place nearby, or a funeral, or graduation ceremony. Maybe a Wild Turkey Fair. Whatever the event, I am glad that the wild made themselves known today. This City Woman’s spirit soaked up a little bit of their wildness and that was a good thing.