I just witnessed a simple gesture of love (or maybe just plain lust) by a Tom Wild Turkey for not only one but two Tina Wild Turkeys. Yep, right here in my neighborhood, smack dab in the middle of the road. Before I besmirch any turkey’s good name, let me be clear that the simple gesture of love did not entail Wild Turkeys Doing It. The show did, however, involve Mister Tom Wild Turkey putting a mighty colorful and might I say, awe inspiring display. He spread his tail feathers, wide, optimally displaying bright gorgeous hues of reds, oranges, and browns while simultaneously puffing his chest up and out so big that his chest actually drug on the pavement, making a scuffing sound. And, Mister Tom Wild Turkey did the tail feather spreading and the puffing two times over in the course of two minutes max. Talk about Mister Turkey Lover!

Not that either one of his love interests saw, much less appreciated, this proclamation of wanton abandon as they were Turkey walking pretty darn fast ahead of Mister Amorous Tom Wild Turkey. But I have a suspicion, that both Tina Wild Turkeys knew they were being woo’ed.

In the midst of current local and world crisis, my faith in life, at least the lives of other species, has definitely been renewed.