On a day like today, all sun with a little haze to the otherwise blue blue sky, it seems incongruent to be such a head case.  I wouldn’t go as far as to call myself a nut job.  Today at least.  Maybe total nut job would have been an accurate descriptor for a day or two sprinkled into the past week or two or maybe three.  And maybe nut job would have been a fitting label for a minute or two or three throughout my life.  Head case, however, is more befitting on this spring day. 

Hard to get out of my head and into my heart or just plain out of my head space.  Circles.  Circular thought processes keep leading me right back to Square One of the Circle.  Not helpful.  And right beyond the container of my body and my brain is the bright and warm spring day.  Today though I view the day through maple colored wooden blinds and a double window pane.  At least the blinds are open.  Maybe tomorrow I will go hog wild and open my front door and take a step into the brightness.  That is if the skies are blue and I am sunnier. 

Head case.