How can it be?  It’s not only Not the First Day of the New Month but the Second?  and countless days since my last post.  What happened?  Was I the uber lucky Super Lotto winner?  and, if so, did I take my millions of dollars in dough and run for the hills or the beach or the woods?  Nope.  nuthin’ as exciting as all that. 

But what with all of the moving and starting a new postdoc position and studying for my big national exam and then taking the aforesaid big national exam and feeling in my gut that I failed this BNExam and spinning all out of kilter and then calling upon the Universal energies and my own internal energies to upright the spinning top, I am hanging in there. 

Holding my breath or so it feels to learn the official results of this BNExam.  and all the while, asking myself when do I resume living my life.  while all the time realizing that this ~ today ~ this moment ~ is my life.  Confusing.  Confused.  Exhausting.  Exhausted. 

That’s where I have been.  At least that’s my story for today and as the S.O. would say, I’m sticking to it.