getting to know all about you ~ that little line from a famous melody is what we are doing with our new home ~ getting to know all the little quirks and perks of our new abode.  So far I know that to secure the bathroom window, as in make sure that it is locked, I must close it firmly.  and to close the heavy plantation style wooden blinds in the livingroom, I must support their weight with one hand while pulling the release cord. 

But most of all we have come to understand that there is not much that is required to avail ourselves of the very best feature of the new space.  All we have to do is sit down or, for that matter, remain standing, and gaze out the windows and enjoy the view.  Outstanding.  Through these windows we can see the city and the bay.  The sunsets from the west facing windows have been stunning ~ a constantly changing scene. 

So while the rest of life swirls about us, like the early morning fog, we are reconnecting with the basics of life.  Refinding our anchors.  Taking in a deep breath and remembering to exhale.  We are blessed.