This little blog has now been in existence for a calendar year.  So this one year anniversary seems an appropriate time to reflect on my blogging experience and the what and where-for’s of the future of the little darling (my blog, not me ~ but I guess both).  And come to think of it, maybe this is a good time to change up the scenery, the front page so to speak, the face of the blog ~ to go fresh and new.  

A year ago I made a different big change.  I moved from a very private blog that was only open to a few family members and friends to another blog provider/server and a more open forum.  The change was brought on by my growing desire to write about broader topics that might not be as interesting or appealing to the limited readership.  The topics included my experiences, curiousities, and continuing identity as a Korean adoptee, issues of race and racism, social class, and the meaning of belonging and mutliple identities that included my membership in the Queer community.  I did not envision, nor have I created, a blog that explores these topics in an academic and/or research style of discourse.  Instead at the time, I wanted to grow a connection with other Korean adoptees with the ultimate goal in that area to grow in my own personal insights and awareness of what being an adoptee meant/means in my life as well as share my experiences with others whose experiences were similar. 

Overall, I made the change to a more open public blog to see what might happen, what would come of the bold move.  Thus far, I have enjoyed the process, mostly.  There have been days when I felt varying degrees of guilt from not posting daily or regularly enough and/or not having scintilating or even close to interesting to a broader audience posts; blog envy of those other  bloggers whom I perceived to be much more dedicated, electronically knowledgeable and interesting; and, occasional why bother to post/who cares anyway thoughts. 

Other than the new look to my blog page, I am not planning on altering the course any time soon of content or style.  I have some ideas, on the back burner for now, of what I might want to do in the future with either this blog or a different one altogether, but enough awareness to understand that presently I do not have the available time nor the free’ed up mind space or energy to endeavor a more challenging blog.  So for now, my little blog and I will continue to post on a semi-regular basis about the everyday life of me and my small universe of curiousities. 

I have appreciated, most, the opportunity to meet other bloggers and have benefited greatly from their/your blogs, comments left on mine, and their/your camraderie.  I have been comforted, cheered on, and challenged to expand my ways of thinking and I appreciate the readership, the entertainment, and the opportunities to meet and connect with other folks who are consciously living their/your lives. 

I am excited to see where the next calendar year will lead us, individually and collectively, and what I/you will bring to the table to discuss, rejoice and commiserate over.  Happy New Blogging Year!