I have begun turning toward the future and that means I have begun the preparations for my departure from my beloved Land of the Midnight Sun and my family.  Today I sent a shout out to my California colleagues, friends, schoolmates, and acquaintances, asking them to keep me in mind should they hear of an upcoming rental.  What that means is that I am thinking of my move from here to there and where I will live once I am there.  Yes, I am turning, slowly, but turning nonetheless toward my departure and toward my arrival, from my summer connections to my upcoming adventures. 

Where will I live?  Will my car, Harvey, be in one piece?  Has he survived his hot days on the street?  Are our belongings intact?  and if they did survive their summer in storage, will they be intact upon delivery?  Will I survive my move in one piece? 

Ahhh, all of these questions and many more will be answered.  In their own way, the answers and outcomes will be revealed.  with time.