My famdamily and I are fixing (or in the Southern vernacular of my adoptive mother, we’re fixin’) to put on a Garage Sale (or in the famdamily vernacular, GS) tomorrow.  The place where wonders to all humanity will go for bargain basement or driveway prices is my daughter’s home.  The SO and my sister will be taking my grandkiddos on their own Saturday GS’ing adventure while my daughter and I hopefully rake in the big bucks while passing on time-to-go-live-with-someone-else items. 

As you might imagine, we have a stash of must-goes, some accumulated from what initially seemed like Wonderful GS finds of our very own.  What?  You don’t want that beautiful zebra lamp made out of wood with a little green shade?  No, I don’t.  It seemed like a really good idea last Saturday.  I even pictured it sitting on our double sink along side the beach bum Hippo (from yet another GS).  But you know what?  The zebra lamp was an idea gone bad.  wrong.  Not so much the lamp, it’s actually very cute, some might say kitschy.  Nonetheless, the zebra does not want or need to join this famdamily.  So into the GS it will go. 

All of our items, some loved more than others, are priced to go.  So wish us luck in passing on some very desirable, some one-of-a-kind, other not so much in the cute department, items.  Rain is not in the forecast so we’re already ahead of the curve.  or put another way, we’re cooking with gas now.  or said differently, we’re happy as a clam right before the shovel hits its shell.  Not really on the last saying cuz I made that one up, but I think you may receive my meaning.  Just wish us luck with raking in the dough, ‘k?