The Canadian geese and their baby goslings who are as big as their feathered parents have begun their practice runs out of here.  They will soon be headed south in their V-formations, taking turns being the leader, taking the brunt of the wind and currents. 

My town is big enough to try and rid themselves of these beautiful birds because they poop, a lot.  They also have been accused of being hazards near the airports.  The gall of these airbourne beauties to fly in the same sky as manmade airplanes!  So the human powers that be have tried all sorts of ridding the town of the geese, without pissing too many of the nature lover’s of, tactics.  I can guarantee you that we nature lovers are not the majority.  Most local golfers, airplane occupants, and city park users are applauding the efforts to make the feathered poopers go elsewhere.  Anywhere elsewhere, as in passing onto the other side (as in dead) or by cutting down their populations by robbing their nests of their eggs. 

But a few of the hearty geese have continued to summer over hereabouts and I am luckier for their presence.  But not for much longer as the geese and I will be soon winging our ways south.  South to warmer climes.  South to new adventures.  Some under their own wing power and others (I won’t say who) will be flying high above the dirt and water, on our butts.  Either way, we’re headed south, soon.