This morning when I peeked my eyes open from underneath my eyelids, I realized immediately, with great pleasure I might add, that this was the best I had felt in days.  Woohooo!  and yay!  with all of this lint in the belly button snuffling I have been doing of late, it’s a wonder that I haven’t ungumptioned myself into a unclimbable out-of-hole or dug my way to the other side of the Earth (but that might have taken more energy than I could/can muster). 

What a difference a good night’s rest can make!  Couple that with the day I spent with grandkiddos yesterday and I think the Universe mixed up a recipe for a return-to-a-better-place for yours truly.  I spent some individual time with each of my three grandbabies yesterday and they were such enjoybable company.  Funny, imaginative, full of news, questions, and fancy.  Each of the children are full of energy and love to run and play and be out-of-doors, which pleases me to no end. 

The children helped me move my body and walk about with them even when my interior bring-me-down-and-keep-me-there-voice was saying, quite adamantly, no damnit, I do not want to take a walk.  But walk we did and I am better off for the effort, the fresh air, and occasional sunshine that beamed down on us. 

So here’s hoping that I can keep the ball rolling in this more upbeat direction and that I can return to studying and to life in general with more pep in my footsteps.