The sun is shining through the leaves and in through my east facing window, warming my arm while I sit and type this post.  I see white wispy clouds on the face of the light blue sky through the open green patches of the trees, looking out my north window.  And just like that, the warmth and the sun move on, leaving the room a bit cooler. 

That’s the nature of sunlight, clouds, mornings, and days.  Change.  Shifting of patterns.  Moods that go up and down and down some more.  and then when all seems darkest (like right before the dawn or some such saying) the dappled light and warmth return and the emotional thermometer rises.  Mercurial in their fluidity, emotions.

Yesterday there was the autumn like feel to the air.  Right on time really.  After all, it is is August in the Soon To Be Frozen Again Last Frontier.  But for today, the sun retains its power of heat and has chosen to bathe us, intermittently, with its golden glow. 

Today.  Sun.  Warmth.  Renewing my energies.