Prayer to Self ~ Self, please do not let me down now.  Don’t give up just because you can.  Call upon the wind and her companions, nature’s forces, life givers and takers.  Call upon your interior knowing and wisdom.  Remember, this too shall pass.  Everything always does; pass, that is.  Nothing stays constant.  not pain.  not misery.  nor happiness of heart.  all emotions.  all transitory in nature. 

Self, there are goals ahead, some so close you are alomst touching the brass ring.  Other goals yet too far, around the bend, that you have yet to imagine or conjure in your mind’s eye, and yet they await you.  You have gifts to share, wisdom to impart, lessons to learn ~ again, and seemingly again.  Yes, you self, no one else is listening.  These words are for you, for your heart.  So hearken, reach above you, dip down low to retrieve.  Hope.  Guidance.  Connection.  Re-invigoration.  Re-birth. 

Prayer to Self.  Please listen.