here in this little town in the Majority of the Year Frozen North Land.  Yes, something happened either when I was absent or was not paying attention.  And this something is worth noticing and noting and for this blogger, celebrating.  ‘Cuz you see, there are more people of color living here than there used to be.  Yes!  I kid you not.  There are more brown skinned folk of every hue and gradation walking about on the coastal trails, the sidewalks, the streets.  and guess what else?  There are also more brown skinned folk indoors too ~ shopping in the malls, eating in restaurants, reading at the library. 

Now before you give me a “D” on being observant, please remember dear reader, that I have been studiously studying, as in nose to the bookstone most of the summer, which means that I have not gotten out much.  Also, for the past five years when I have lived here for any length of time, that I have had the definitely widely diverse population of the San Francisco and Bay area to contrast our little town’s demographic group.  and that, people, is like a night and day comparison in too many ways to begin to count much less go into at any length, although I guess could expound on the differences in another post. 

But I am keeping this particular post topic streamlined and focused.  Focused on my new realization that there are more brown skinned people here in town.  Woohoo!!  To get the huge-ness of what I talk about, one must apprehend that not so many years ago (as in five), there weren’t that many of us brown skinned clans to be seen, indoors or outdoors, in this little Last Frontier town.  I have not yet, but plan to, see what the newest census numbers have to say but really do not need to consult such a reference as I am heavy on the observational end of studies.

I would like to say that I came upon my own ah-ha moment of understanding that there are more people of color living here but that would not be entirely true.  My ah-ha moment was primed by my logically pragmatic and less-emotional-than-myself friend when I was bemoaning my waffling on where to put down roots.  During this conversation, I was decrying the fact of our mostly white homogenous state and this friend was quick to point out that there was much more diversity of race now than when I moved south.  I think I took her point with a grain of salt, remembering how my white friends seem to feel that one person of color among 1,000 white people, creates diversity. 

But then a little while after that dinner, I visited with another friend and was issuing forth the same complaints and whines (I guess I’m lucky to have friends who put up with a whiner) about my where-to-live conundrum.  And this friend, who is brown-skinned like me, quickly told me that things have changed here in the Land of the Midnight Sun and gave me several examples.  By this time there had been enough time between my California experience of everyday lots of diversity in population to my little town Alaska life, and I was able to slap my forehead and proclaim ~ Wow!  There are more folks of color hereabouts.  Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!  Hallelu-u-jah-jah!

So what does this more racially diverse population mean to me?  Well let me list some of the ways ~ added comfortability, a stronger sense of community, a sigh of relief to not be the only customer of color in a busy restaurant, and a growing sense of hope that I could build a clinical practice here and actually work with a diverse clientele.  and those are the perks that come popcorning to the surface without any prodding or even need of a flashcard.