I need look no further in the DSM-IV for the definition of insanity, I need only look into a mirror.  For I do, indeed, feel insane.  as in a really really bad mood.  as in pity party for one.  as in listening to anyone other than myself chew their food makes me want to scream, insane.  That kind of insanity. 

Do you know what I mean? 

Maybe I am studying so hard and so much about mental pathology that I have become one of the described disorders.  or maybe I just need more than one night every three nights of uninterrupted restorative sleep.  or maybe I just need to say a prayer of gratitude

and really mean the words that I am saying. 

I am not sure that I can sincerely do that right this very moment.  That’s the thing about insanity and bad moods, these states are not amenable to rational or reasonable suggestions or solutions.  I guess I may just need to ride out the storm.  It sure is a bucking bronco. 

How’s that for mixed metaphors?