There’s nothing like having company over to help get a living space ‘picked up,’ ‘spruced up,’ and spit shine polished.  Okay, well not really on the spit shine part as I am more partial to liquid lemon smelling Lysol clean up, but you probably get my drift or my elbow grease movement. 

It’s our turn to host a dinner and it’s high time that our part of the Compound was made presentable for those outside the immediate family (meaning the SO and me).  It’s not like it’s a turrible awful mess or like pig pen filth (and pigs aren’t filthy BTW, in fact, they’re very clean animals) but it is in enough need to get a good going over. 

So far, the bathroom has undergone a transformation.  The GS hippo, who at closer inspection is not a ballerina and is not wearing a tutu after all.  She is, indeed, a hippo, but she is a beach loving hippo.  Miss Hippo is wearing a pink and white polka dot bikini and sporting a red and white striped inflatable floating ring, which works well to accent her lime green flip flops.  She is now gracing our double sink counter top.  Instead of housing delicious homebaked cookies, she is the new house for my nail polish.  The point is, that she totally makes the bathroom a more fun place to be! 

Now I’ve got to get cracking on cleaning the kitchen/office area and finding the perfect place for my GS turtle, remember the one with the heavy golden colored glass shell?