Today was filled to the brim with moment after moment that I willed myself to remember so I could recall them clearly for a day in the future when I will need replenished with the love of my family.  Whew.  That was one long sentence. 

We are a GS’ing family (we love garage sale-ing, together).  As my daughter’s family has grown to include three kiddos, sometimes we need to caravan, as my sister and sometimes her daughter and now her daughter’s son, go with us.  I am proud to say that all of my grandkiddos Love GS’ing.  My granddaughter, the youngest, went through a brief period where she would max out on getting in and out of the car (carseats can be cumbersome and tiring, all the buckling and unbuckling) and she would sort of whine to stop.  Now that she is the Big Five Year Old, she takes little breaks and will ‘pass’ on some and play with whatever new-to-her-toy she has from the morning and hang out in one of our vehicles (within view and reach of her caregivers) and then join us for the next one. 

We have the Best of times together as a family when we GS.  Today, our caravan included Lady (the SO’s and yours truly’s car) and my sister and her Honda Element, named Rusty (not because it’s really rusty, He’s practically brand new, but because I named him and the name irritates my sister – hey, it’s a sister thing).  I rode with my sister and the kids alternated between the cars.  We all found Great GS deals!  My treasures include a glass turtle that lights up, the expensive kind with the heavy beautiful gold colored glass, a girl hippo cookie jar dressed in a ballerina tutu, and a large mirror framed in birch wood with leaf stenciling all around.  Fun!!  All for under 20 bucks! 

The only bummer of the day was when Lady was rudely, and I do mean rudely, rearended in a parking lot at the very end of the day.  Thank goodness it wasn’t fatal but she is definitely yiked.  Her tail light was busted.  Luckily the SO knew right where to go – to a store to purchase some red Tail Light Tape (yep, that’s what it’s actually called) and now Lady is bandaged up.  Poor Lady. 

But even though the rearending incident was upsetting (very) and the rearender did his best to deflect his responsibility (neither Lady nor the SO were at fault), we refuse to let that awful incident ruin our day.  I love my family.  I love GS’ing with them.  I love watching my grandkiddos in motion ~ and they are in constant motion.  I love witnessing my daughter’s face when she finds a gorgeous deviled egg and relish dish.  I love watching the SO’s generosity with the kids.  I love joshing with my sister when she tries on a leopard print faux-fur collar dress coat that looks like a bathrobe.  I love days like today.