the calendar that is.  as in flip over the old month and spring into the brand new one.  Leap into the first day of this month and bid adieu to the old month, the month of the past.  Breathe in and breathe out.  did you catch a whiff of that?  the fresh smell that newness brings?  We have before us 31 days that are yet unexplored, untrammeled, unadventured.  It’s up to us folks, to go forth explore, trammel and adventure. 

Go forth, my Earth Traveling Buddies ~ let’s live our lives like we really mean to.  Play Ball!  Sit still, really still.  Live in the prayer of gratitude.  Harvest while the sun is out and the days are long.  Bite into a taste treat, one that you have been craving for a long long time.  Be kind to that irritating someone in your life.  Move your body in whatever, whichever way feels goooood.  Laugh.  Tears?  let ’em flow.  Set a goal.  Achieve it.  Celebrate!