As I was writing my earlier post, reflecting on how I have been spending my days of late, I came into awareness of what is missing from my list of ‘have dones’ and ‘been doings.’  This ‘what has not been being dones’ crept into my consciousness slowly but pushily and even with insistent shhh-ushing, the ‘what I have been missing’ and the ‘what you are not doings’ want out.  So here they are ~

reading for pleasure (I was shocked at this one as I almost always, as in all the time, have a good book or two being read)   ~   learning digital photography   ~   having one-on-one time with my grandkiddos   ~   writing creatively   ~   writing about my identity and experiences of being a Korean adoptee   ~   spending more time outside in the big natural world

I guess some of these things will have to stay on the back burner as the studying and practice exams and flashcard making and quizzing and studying some more need to take center stage or the front burner space for now. 

But I do think that a good book or two or three can be exchanged for some of the computer Solitaire playing that a certain someone has been mindlessly partaking in of late.  Although there is something to be said about an aching brain filled to overflowing with huge amounts of information, facts and fiction (don’t tell the DSM writers I said such a thing), just plain needing to take a break.  With Solitaire, there is a reliable cadence and a wonderful sense of not having to learn or remember a thing for a few minutes.  I just need to simmer down the mintues and pick up a good book.  the other parts of my brain are jones’ing for a really good read.