The soup worked its comforting charm on my tummy and my psyche and along with several other tricks and magic, I did not enter the dreaded doldrums and have almost let go of the blues.  The sun has returned after a night of heavy down pour and I am reminded, once again, how my mood is affected by this giant yellow fire ball. 

The SO and I have discovered a wonderful new park and are implementing our walking routine.  Poppies, of any variety, are my favorita flower and this park is covered in them and they nod their little colorful faces in approval of our healthy efforts as we briskly pass them.  There are literally fields of these Arctic poppies, tranforming the greenery into speckled pale pink, bright orange, and pale yellow surprises.  There is also a little pond where the geese and the ever present seagulls quarrel over turf. 

The walking, the sun, and the magic soup are helping ease me back into a healthier frame of mind.  Oh and the turkey I have roasting in the newfangled infomercial purchase (more on my culinary successes/failures later) is fragrancing up the Compound abode in a mighty delicious way.