in the Prince William Sound my daughter and her family are bobbing about in the deep waters in their boat.  Her family consists of her husband, her three kiddos (my three grandkiddos) and their one large dog and their one small dog.  Yikes!  That’s alot of warm blooded folks and critters on a not so huge boat.  My daughter’s husband loves his boat and he loves taking his family out on this boat.  The SO and I have been out on this boat with him and the famdamily for four days several summers ago.  That was enough boating for me.  I love the ocean.  from the shore.  I would love the ocean from the ocean if I didn’t get green with seasickness when I don’t wear a prescription patch. 

I love reading about people’s seagoing adventures.  Has anyone read Robin Graham’s, The Dove?  He wrote the book some years ago when he and I were both much younger than I/he is today.  He told of his adventures sailing around the world in his sailboat, The Dove (hence the book’s name).  He was a teen when he set out on this enterprise and during his two years (I think, maybe it took three years) of traversing the planet, he lost the original boat and continued on in the Big Dove, found the love of his life and married.  I read of his exploits when I was a teen and was hooked.  Hooked on tales of adventures.  Hooked on creating my very own adventures.  I was, however, and remain, highly susceptible to motion sickness; not in cars, or trains, or subways (unless I attempt to read), but definitely on boats on the water. 

But I digress.  This post is not about my love of reading seagoing adventures, it is about my family who are out in the big wide Prince William Sound being bounced about by the wind and the waves.  We are experiencing inclement weather here in the Land of The Midnight Sun.  So tonight, I am employing my imaging technique of pink bubbling this boat and all of its inhabitants, furry and non-furry (including my daughter’s husband); which means that I am imaging them encapsulated in a pink bubble of safety. 

Be safe and warm dear family.  I am throwing in a prayer for a good dose of happiness and contentment just for good measure.  Return home safely as I can barely wait to hear your tales of advenures on the high sea.