of red beans is simmering away here at the Compound.  Their warm legumey fragrance, chasing away what ails you or me or the SO.  Later, the soft beans will comfort tummies and psyches, all at the same time, from the same soup bowl.  There is no prescription medication that I know of that can bring such immediate relief for the blues or worries. 

These cool and rainy days and weeks have me hankering for a hearty stew, a pork roast, and pots of beans.  Week before last I cooked up a pot of white beans ~ chicken broth, olive oil, leeks, carrots, garlic, diced tomatoes, thyme, oregano, coarse salt, and fresh black pepper.  Lordy it was tasty.  and soothing.  and satisfying.  Today’s red beans will be simpler with carmelized leeks, diced ham, coarse salt, and black and cayenne pepper.  but the minimal ingredients will (hopefully) still provide maximum solace.

You see, there seems to be a case of the blues going around here at the Compound.  and the SO and I have succumbed.  The blues, as some may know, can turn into a more serious case of the down and out doldrums, and we do not want nor need that to happen.  So let’s hope and pray and keep our fingers crossed that this pot of red bean soup will provide the magic elixir that we both need.