of rain or conversely the Rainy Season is upon us, with us.  raindrops are, indeed, falling on our heads and the ever-so-green landscape.  Typically the Season arrives, joins us, falls on us in August.  August is our transition month from summer to fall or autumn.  It is ordinarily the month when the leaves on the deciduous trees lose their green chorophyl and return to their natural state of being, all bright yellows and oranges and here in the North Land, a few reds thrown in here and there for highlights.  in August.  usually. 

My appreciation for the patter and pounding of raindrops hitting the skylights has not waned, their sounds are comforting still.  a reminder of my abundance ~ warm shelter and all that comes with the sheltering.  Nevertheless, there are picnics in the hover mode of happening ~ sunny walks in the mountains in the holding pattern.  and there is a feeling of the inhabitants of the lush green landscape waiting to exhale.  a collective anticipation if you will.  a slight biding of time for a deep inhalation of the sun warmed earthy smell of a hot summer day.