Some years ago, I recognized my internal rhythm of requiring alone time.  Through the years I have come to more fully understand the need to honor these inner pulls.  I operate in the world with more grace and ease when I follow the ebb and flow, the cadence, of my core self.  So this past week when I noticed, maybe a day or two late, that I was off center I pulled up the drawbridge and set about nesting. 

My personality is a blend of introvert and extroversion.  weightier on the introverted end of the continuum.  I absolutely love socializing and being with dear friends and family.  I also absolutely relish time alone.  my psyche craves these moments.  my creative self demands the time away, apart from others.  after which, I return to the hustle and bustle of life among other human beings. 

So this past week, it’s been me and my study materials with my SO at the periphery of my nest.  The flashcards are accumulating and my brain feels unnaturally full with information, some of which is neither here nor there in the big or small scheme of anything.  and now, it is time to rejoin the Land of Others and the Outside World.