My daughter has two black bears walking about and around in her subdivision here in Anchor Town (what we locals affectionately call our little city).  They appeared yesterday and a neighbor woke her this morning to let her know that the bear were still afoot and that my daughter’s SUV was broken into. 

Now I don’t know about you but I am far more afeared of the human wildlife than the 4-legged furry variety.  Really.  I think the two bears are simply doing bear behavior which consists of foraging for food and satisfying their curiousity (bears are very curious, I like that about them) about what we humans throw in our garbage cans.  They probably wonder why we run around naked sans fur, have we no modesty? 

Now I am not saying that bears in the wild, or in a city suburb, should be playmates for us.  No, they are wild and unpredictable and bigger than us.  But I would put money on them not going around and breaking into a person’s automobile to steal anything other than food.  I do not think they’re on the lookout for stuff to steal that has street retail value.  Now I could be wrong but remember I am still a Country Woman at heart…