Barbara Kingsolver (one of my favorita authors) writes of longings in her Animal, Vegetable, Miracle – A Year of Food Life, in which she chronicles her family’s year long experience of eating only foods grown locally.  One passage caught my thoughts this morning ~ I don’t know what rituals my kids will carry into adulthood… I do know that flavors work their own ways under the skin, into the heart of longing.  Kingsolver writes of her childhood years of autumn apple harvesting and cidar making and how Autumn weather still brings that crisp greenish taste to the roof of my mouth.

As I said, these passages caught me up.  I am facsinated by longing.  memories woven full with smells, tastes, flashes of scenes from a time gone by.  What flavors have worked their way under my skin and into my heart of longing? 

sandalwood & patchouli ~ inedible but filled with strong longing;  Wonder Bread ~ driving by their ‘second day’ location and swinging in with my little girl to buy their little pies, five for a buck, and smelling the yeastiness of the white bread rising and baking;   roasting garlic ~ ummmmmm, takes me back, present, and into the future.

What about you?  flavors ~ longings in your hearts ~