4-H, 1942, the number 3, and the month of March ~ none hold a special meaning to me.  However, my first mother and my adoptive mother do.  As does my Minnesotan partner and writing.  Heart pain I know a little something or two about.  and the oft included past royalty lineage, understandable standard fare. 

These words and subject topics were included in my 10 minute reading by a psychic medium at Saturday’s solstice fare.  I would say I received 20 dollars worth of Take Aways as I am still pondering and percolating on the information provided.  Some of the words and messages from beyond could eventually be Throw Aways but it is too soon to start tossing stuff into the psychic trash compactor. 

Grain of salt.  grains.  of love.  of death.  of passing over.  return me to the grain of salt.