This morning the skies have opened and rain drops are pummeling the three skylights above my desk and over my head.  From the large window directly in front of me, I watch the leaves dance about, up and down, to and fro, as the big fat droplets hit them on their destination to earth.  Out of the window to my right, I survey the rain gush from the porch overhang.  The sound of the rain on the skylights join with the cascading rain cadence and together they make a symphony of rain and sky.  It is sheer music to my ears and senses. 

It is so green here this month.  The fact that the green-ness is astounding me is remarkable since I have arrived from an area where there is virtually something in bloom or active growth year round, including the North Land’s winter months (October – April).  But just as I have discovered the distinct and nuanced smells of each geographical area, the warmed soil of Berkeley is different from the warmed earth of a hiking trail in Alaska, there are also hue variations and combinations of green.  or so it seems to me this summer.  The greens here are popping as a make-up artist might tell a Hollywood starlet. 

As much as I am enjoying my rainy morning view from the comfort and warmth of my abode, I am also thinking of all the vendors at the summer solstice fair downtown on what this city fondly calls the Park Strip (aka the Strip).  The women and children’s domestic violence shelter sponsors an annual solstice craft fair and it is typically held in what is dubbed the Town Square area (Alaskans creativity when it comes to naming things is simply astounding) but too much construction in that spot required a change of venue.  Also, happening on the Strip today are the Gay Pride festivities.  There is also the staging and running of the Mayor’s Midnight Marathon by the more hearty and health-full folk. 

My daughter and I are participants in a craft fair today and yesterday we were lamenting the fact that it was not part of the outdoors Park Strip affair as a lot of solstice celebrators parade through this particular fair.  However the rainy skies and damp conditions this morning have me singing a different tune (similar to Singing in the Rain but different) as we are slated to sell our wares indoors in the atrium area of a popular downtown restaurant and beer pub. 

So part of me wants the skies to clear and the sun to warm us all, after all it is the Sun’s Party of the Year, and the other part of me (the vendor part) wants the skies to stay wide open so that folks will seek comfort and shelter at our craft booth.  Included in this partial wish is that those same comfort seeking folk will open their wallets even wider to help console their damp soggy selves. 

Oh yes, just in case you were wondering ~ we will be selling my daughter’s Gorgeous handmade blankets and what she terms her sassy (and they are) keychains.  She is an artist with a rich imagination and many talents.  I love her.  I am looking forward to my day.