in Alaska is awesome.  The longest daylight filled 24 hours of the year.  For us here in this part of Alaska it means we could potentially have over 18 hours of sunshine.  I love the long long days of summer.  Summer solstice also marks the beginning of the end of the long days of daylight as we begin to lose, first relatively slowly, seconds and then rapidly minutes of daylight each day from here until Winter Solstice in late December.  But for today, the hours are long and one can even be lulled into believing we have all the time in the world, or at the very least a very lengthy day, to do whatever is on our agenda, including a little goofing off. 

I guess Summer Solstice is sort of like our youth when we think anything is possible and that mortality belongs to everyone else but ourselves.  Luckily for us mere mortals, the reality of our own eventual demise creeps into our psyche relatively slowly and stealthily.  At least for the ones of us who do not experience death up close and personal at tender ages.  I know for myself, that life and its possibilties, look different from the perspective of 50 years of age than it did at 20.  That is not to say by any means that I am boo-hoo’ing about being a Wise Woman. 

But back to what goes on here in the oft times Frozen North Land on Summer Solstice ~ you name the activity, and we Alaskans are most likely doing it, or at least giving it a good go.  All day and all night.  This Land of the Midnight Sun is definitely the place to be when the lights don’t ever need to go on, much less be turned out.