These recent days have offered up abundant reminders of the importance of place, our place   my place, on this planet.  I awoke this morning with sun dappling through the lush green leaves of the birch and cottonwood trees outside my bedroom window.  The shades of green were married with those of the evergreen trees that stand trunk to trunk alongside their more summer showy neighbors.  I listen to an evergreen murmur to a birch, yeah go ahead and undulate your shiny jewels now cuz soon you’ll be bare, again, and I’ll still be green.  I swear I heard a tee hee hee at the end. 

Summers are fleeting here in the Frozen North Land.  no argument there.  and winters bring their very own beauty.  no argument there either.  but here today, this morning, I cannot think of a lovelier more gentling waking view.