The lyrics of that song Come Saturday Morning are rolling around in my head.  and I guess that’s appropriate since it is, indeed, an Alaskan Saturday morning and my plans include hanging out with my family and friends.  Garage Sale-ing, or as it is known in my family, GS’ing, is on the roster for this morning’s entertainment.  My limit is 5 bucks.  I hope I can find a mid-size refrigerator for that amount.  Let me clarify that.  I hope I can find a working mid-size refrigerator for that amount. 

This afternoon, it’s off to the Build A Bear store with my middle grandson and daughter to bring to life another member of the famdamily.  And this evening, the SO and I are hosting a bbq for a couple of friends up at the Compound.  Just everyday happenings.  Minutia to some.  Bland news to another.  But on this Saturday morning, these plans shine like a brilliant star to this particular woman.  Let me clarify that.  Woman.  Vacationing.  Everyday stuff.  Nirvana.