it would be to go to a movie, sit down, recline in the fancy reclinable seat, pop food into my mouth, slurp a soda, watch a movie (or boovie as my grandkiddos used to call them) and relax, as in suspend my disbelief, judgments and most importantly, my hidden message or what does this mean in the bigger social context antennae. 

Has anyone seen Kung Fu Panda?  Did you like it?  Did it entertain you?  make you laugh?  I watched it with my daughter and three grandkiddos this week.  I liked it.  I was entertained.  I laughed.  and I have been thinking about snippets from the movie on and off since the viewing.  There was something about my liking the movie, the effort it took to relax and sink into my seat to simply enjoy the show that has me pondering.  Pondering the ever present issues of culture, race, media, racism, stereotypes, mainstream America, our weird relationships with animals – both domesticated and wild, size-ism, and adoption. 

I haven’t come to any conclusions, yet.  I am, however, wishing that I could either locate or create an on/off switch for my social issues musings because sometimes it seems that a movie is just a movie.  or is that just a convenient excuse for not being socially aware.  I keep returning to the saying ~ either you/I are part of the solution or I/you are part of the problem.  A head scratcher, indeed, for a woman still on her two week vacation.

Seriously though, I am wondering what the meanings were for Po being a panda and his dad and his ancestors (based on photos on the kitchen wall) being geese.  Oh what the curious, dissertation-less unfettered mind conjures up to marinate on…