dadgumit, doggone it, and dog farts does my SO ever get on my everliving last nerve.  Some times.  Take yesterday for a prime example.  Oh my living god (not meant as a curse against the almighty or the universe ~ just a saying).  Note to self, do not and I mean do not ever again, not even once, go used car shopping door-to-door, or in this case parking lot to parking lot, with the SO.  Unless I am really ready to end it and by ‘it’ I mean either the SO’s or my own life giving force.  Am I exaggerating?  kidding?  joshing?  Well maybe just a little.  Today that is.  from a distance.  in hindsight.  looking back over my shoulder while I’m running as fast as my short legs can carry me.  But (and there’s the word again) yesterday, I was a hatin’ on my SO.  and truth be told, I think his last nerve was being stomped all over by yours truly. 

It goes like this, the SO is a very very smart man.  on an intellectual basis.  but (again with that word) I definitely win the commonsensical contest.  We arrive at a task and make a game plan and it is almost a given that our plans are as different as night and day, day and night, divergent.  polar opposites.  It’s not even that we think the other person’s plan is crap.  No.  It’s more like we can’t fathom how any human being, individual, or person, much less our very own SO, could come up with such a plan, as in the plan makes no sense to the other one. 

Spend all day with that scenario being played, re-wound, played again, ejected numerous times, with the tape player eventually being ripped out with its wires dangling and thrown, violently, out of the car window and you have the picture of the SO’s and my yesterday.  (The tape player scene is a metaphor but you got that, right)? 

The upshot of this whole dang story is two-fold.  One, when faced with such mind boggling irritation (all day) it is not an excuse to murder or maim the source of the irritation.  No.  Not under any circumstances.  I withstood it.  The SO withstood it.  So anyone else has to dig down deep and allow their “I love you, but…” loved one to live one more day too.  Second, we have a new-to-us member of our family and her name is Lady.  She is a 1987 Fleetwood Cadillac.  I love her.  She is beautiful.  A little stinky from cig smoke and perfumey stuff used to cover up her cig smoke and she has a little problem with the power windows (on again off again stuff) but other than that she is in tip top condition.  She is our summer car here in the Great North Land.  Welcome to our famdamily, Lady.