kickin’ it here in the Greener-than-Green-North-Land.  Yesterday, I had numerous moments during the day when I realized that I was relaxed, as in not tensed up, as in not dreading some appointment or deadline later in the day or week, as in not filled up with anxiety (hopefully hidden from most of those around me), not knotted up   Relaxed.  I shared this realization with my family members throughout the day and I don’t know that they really got the total impact of my mini-epiphanies but that’s okay, I did and I do.  I am doing what more current day folk call just kickin’ it, hanging with my homies, and…  Alright, already, so maybe I’m not the hippest, coolest, most down with it all Queer Asian Wise Woman.  I am okay with that fact.  You know why?  Cuz Girlfriends and Boyfriends, I am in a state of unfolding Relaxation.

Hotdiggity Dogdiggity Hip Hip Hooraaaay!!