One can never tell what memories, which images, what words, or smells will embed themselves in our psyche and travel inside us through the years, to pop up later expectedly but most likely unexpectedly. If I can influence my memories at all nowadays, I hope the view from last night’s midnight landing sticks and stays for many many days to come. The further North we flew, the lighter and sunnier the skies. Because of flight delays blah blah we were some time behind our scheduled arrival. As a result, I got to see the the sun set and as we descended through the heavy cloud cover, the clouds lit up like they were on fire and the sun was deep gold, red, and pink. This particular sunset was one of the most gorgeous I have ever witnessed! Ahhhhhh.

And then Alaska continued to gift me with visual delights and a welcome home of its own by allowing me to see my first of my summer’s moose sighting on the way to what I affectionately call our Compound (more on that particular subject later). Yay!

If I had a mental camera, I would have snapped many a photograph and posted them right here for your viewing pleasures. But alas, we do not have such fancy capabilities, yet. So for now, I have committed these images to my head and my heart. I hope they are keepers.