Well the good-byes have been said to the Attic and the keys left on the kitchen counter.  I am chillin’ at the airport while I wait to begin my first leg of the journey home to the North Land.  Ahhhhh.  Summer in Alaska.  We don’t call it the Land of the Midnight Sun for nothin’.  The sun is setting around 11 pm’ish and rising oh probably around 4:30 am’ish and even when it has set there is no total darkness, more like duskiness.  Having grown up with these long summer days, I do not need darkness to sleep and do not keep curtains on my windows.  I absolutely love the sun and the light.  By summer’s end, many Alaskans are nuttier than fruitcakes from lack of sleep cuz we all want to soak up as much light as we can to help us endure the dark winters.  But I am at the front end of summer solstice and am pretty jazzed to be heading North.

In fact, I am pretty happy and contented right about now.  I reached my educational goal and am now a bonafide Doctor of Psychology!  Yup.  as of Wednesday.  Hallelujiah!!  Jubliee!  and before I even begin studying for the big national exam, I plan on taking two weeks off to play and just be.  I feel so grateful to live in a country where I, a Queer woman of Color, can earn a graduate degree in the study of my choosing.  I also feel grateful ~ very ~ for the support, help, and encouragement of my familia and friends, including those friends who have cheered me on right here on my little blog.  I am proud of myself for enduring this journey and reaching my goal ~ the end of this particular venture. 

There are many more ventures and goals, both professionally and personally on my horizon.  But for today, I am outta here and onto There.  I will be sharing (regularly, I hope) my Last Frontier adventures and I’ll be sure and soak up the long long hours of daylight for all of you.