In the month of June, I will celebrate the closing of some chapters in my life, mark a birthday anniversary, move residences, and go home to family and friends in the North Land.  I will get to hug up my grandkiddos in person. 

To get to the good stuff, some not so fun stuff has to happen.  Like cleaning the old residence, aka the Attic.  Saying thank you to this Attic for providing such a warm and lovely place to land here in the State of California and bidding it a fond farewell.  I hope its new inhabitants treat it well. 

I hear through the grape vine that the cow moose are calving and that there are a set of twin moose calves and their mama hanging out where I will be living, along with several black bear sightings.  The Alaskan wildlife saga surges forward and I am holding the light for the moose mama and her babies while knowing that life does seem to be about survival of the strongest. 

My heart and thoughts are ahead of my present moment.  I am not in Alaska yet.  I am still a City Dweller.  A City Dweller going through the motions and rituals of saying good-bye to her Attic home.