is it this hot in hell?  Renovated or not, my Attic abode is holy hot!  It was 80 degrees in the Big City this morning at 9 AM and hotter in Berkeley by then.  I know.  I know.  There are places where it’s hotter than this, all the time.  and the point would be?!  My point right now, is that it’s Hot here in the City tonight. 

Good thing I have a Vornado fan trained on my head while I type this post.  Not really.  A good thing that is.  I do, indeed, have the fan blasting away directed at my head that’s trying to dry the rivulets of sweat that are dripping down my forehead.  I know.  Eeeew.  TMI.  Sorry. 

Hey, I lived in Alaska for many years.  I am not used to 90+ degree temps!