One of the revolving topics I write about here is public transportation.  Specifically, how I get from City to Big City (aka ‘BC’), how I get around while I am in the BC, and my return trip to my Attic apartment in the City.  I am a BART’er (Bay Area Rapid Transit’er) and a muni bus’ser, typically three days per week.  On an average (whatever that really means) day, there is never a dull moment on these modes of transit.  There may be filthy seats and floors, fetid and really odiferous air non-quality, a full spectrum of commuters occupied in anything from really interesting behaviors to totally gross or ‘no, you’re not going to…’ behaviors ~ but after almost two years of this thrice weekly commute, I can honestly say there has not been a dull moment. 

Well, I think things are going to get livelied up even more here very quickly.  Today is slated to be in the 80’s in the BC, tomorrow even hotter.  When the ambient temp rises so do the human angers.  Short fuses burn up fast and go caboom.  We human folk tend to be a messy, sweaty, loud lot come summer time. 

So I’m holding onto my briefcase/tote bag/purse extra tight as I head down those subway stairs.  When I surface (and I will, right?) I’ll have stories to tell.  Of that I am sure.