Since I am quickly (if you call almost five years, one day at a time, quick) approaching the finish line of my educational journey and if all goes as hoped, I will be conferred my doctorate in clinical psychology in less than one month (which translates to less than 28 days), my thoughts are interrupted by ways in which to reward myself for my hard and diligent work.  Mind you, I have already rewarded myself here and there this past month with little semi-precious stone trinkets, visits from beloved familia members, a side trip to Reno (where believe you me I did not just sit in my hotel room not spending any dough), a side trip to Point Reyes, and some danged good meals cooked by someone else(s) and served up in some pretty settings.  But hey, this is a pretty doggone big accomplishment, right? 

And so I daydream and spin possible scenarios in my noggin with my creative paintbrush or since I am spinning these creations, would it be my creative spinning wheel…  For this post, the implement of creation does not really matter as much as the wish list in my dreams ~

  • a week in a beautiful luxury condo on or near my favorita Alaskan beach shared with familia and friends that would include, but not be limited to, numerous walks along the water’s edge, adding to my rather impressive seashell and rock collection, several bonfires over which various meats would be roasted (apologies to the sacrificial animals), lots of board games with my grandkiddos, and some big wins at the poker table.
  • a brand new digital SLR camera with personalized lessons and unlimited time and focus with which to hone my craft.
  • a glass blowing class that includes an aptitude (on my part) and patience (on the teacher’s part) to develop a new creative outlet.
  • time (guilt free) to hang out (translated into visiting, eating, and laughing) with friends.
  • the guarantee of passing the EPPP national exam after diligent summer studying.
  • or hell as long as I’m wishing, the guarantee of passing the national exam without one whit of study.

So there are some of my wishes.  Oh and one more ~

  • the ability to skip a stone at least 10 skips.  No, make that 15.