One realizes the length of absence from blogging when one’s password has to be pondered for more than a minute or two.  So what exactly has been occupying my energies, focus, and life of late?  Wow.  Okay, that may be too big a bite to chew on so let me break it down into a more managable soundbite.  While my blog has fallen silent, my life has been full to overflowing.  Some of the events and happenings have been filled with fun and laughter.  Some other experiences far from fun.  A few tears have been shed and tempers have flared.  Overall, a life ~ my life, has been brimming with vim and vigor, grief and depression, negotiations and transitions, accomplishments and new beginnings. 

This morning, my thoughts have been filled with the words and written history of Asian Americans as I am engrossed in Helen Zia’s Asian American Dreams: The Emergence of an American People published in 2000.  Once again, I find the need to downsize my reading bouts, in order to manage the flood of emotions that surge through my psyche as I take in new information or am reminded of what I already know but have forgotten by choice or by accident. 

As a bisexual woman, I was happy to read in Zia’s Acknowledgements her thank you to her female life partner.  I am hoping that she will write about her relationship in this book.  I do not personally know many Asian American Queer women and want to meet more of my kind.  I am also hoping that she speaks to, or at the very least, gives a nod to my Other Kind, Korean adoptees as we are, indeed, part of the Asian American peoples. 

As to the return to my blog, I think I am back onboard and am looking forward to the ride.  Now, whether the seas prove to be choppy or smooth as glass is yet to be seen.